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Berlin interactive ‘twitted’ music

Tweetscapes Logo

Tweetscapes is a new and awesome concept by a team of peoples working on behalf of the Deutschlandradio Kultur in Berlin.

The concept is based on works by sound artist Anselm Venezian Nehls, sonic researcher Dr Thomas Hermann and real time visualist Tarik Barri.

Since many german residents use twitter everyday, they took this habit as a starting point to develop a new way to interact with sound and images in real time.

A predefined system of their own creation process tweets into the Tweetscapes computer reading the #hashtags, the geographic locations and the number of followers of the person who tweet and also the difference between a reply or a retweet.

All of this is converted into a stream of informations that their computer/system can translate to sounds and pictures.

Other entities involved into tweetscapes are Haevylistening, CITEC Ambient Intelligence Group of Bielefeld University and the master program in sound studies of Berlin university of arts.

The pilot broadcast for the series was broadcasted on Deutschlandradio Kultur on 7 October 2011 and can be listened / downloaded here :

You can participate in this project !

Send a tweet in german and add the #haschtag

Example : Wie klingt eigentlich Twitter #tweetscapes

You can experience tweetscapes !

From 23 to 26 February 2012 at the 100° festival in Berlin
From 16 March to 5 August 2012 as part of the exhibition “Sound Art. Sound als Medium deer Kunst” at ZKM Karlsruhe.

Much more informations here :

Author: wildtek

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